Cleaning Tips

Step-by-Step DIY Multi non-Toxic Household Cleaner

This article will show you how to make a powerful cleaning product with garbage enzymes, i.e. a chemical-free household cleaning product. You are probably wondering what “garbage enzymes” stands for? Continue reading the article to learn more! Garbage Enzymes The base of this homemade DIY cleaning product is acetic acid […]

Spray This Oil & You Will never See Mold again

Mold is a fungus which often grows on walls and it can be detrimental to our health. This being said, you should definitely learn about a potent natural remedy to eliminate it completely, i.e. tea tree oil. For centuries, the Aborigines have been using it to speed up the healing […]

He Pours Vinegar in the Toilet and the Result Is Genius!

Keeping the house squeaky clean can often be a challenging task, especially when it comes to the bathroom. This is because to clean it properly, we need to deal with all the bad bacteria and harmful germs present there. This being said, we rely on strong, store-bought cleaners to speed […]

10 Cancer-Causers to Remove from Your Home

10 Cancer-Causers to Remove from Your Home

As seen on Care 2, due to poor governmental regulation, a lot of the cleaning products that are sold on the market are full of carcinogens like nitrobenzene, formaldehyde, napthelene, as well as hormone disruptors and reproductive toxins. What’s more, they contain a lot of other suspicious ingredients that can […]

22 Simple Remedies to Have a Pest-Free Home

Without doubt, we all look forward to the hot summer days that are literally on our doorstep. We associate summer with long and sunny days, days spend at the pool and beach, camping trips, long walks, etc. but there is something we all dislike about it- the annoying insects and […]