10 Signs that a Deceased Loved One Is nearby

10 Signs that a Deceased Loved One Is nearby

Did you know that your loved ones who are deceased may be trying to connect with you through some sensations and dreams or simply by hearing a meaningful song on the radio during a stressful day? Believe it or not, a lot of people frequently experience the presence of their […]

Black Salve As An Alternative Cancer Treatment

According to Healing Life Is Natural, black salve is an ancient Native American balm which is believed to be a potent anticancer cure but it has been hidden from the Western world for decades. This natural remedy is believed to be of great aid for the overall health and it […]

These 20 Meds Can Cause Memory Loss

Nowadays, the number of death cases in the U.S. due to serious reactions to medications is on the rise. According to statistics, prescribed meds cause more than hundred thousand deaths on a yearly basis and hospitalize more than 1.5 million people. With this in mind, it is of pivotal importance […]

Marijuana Chewing Gum Relieves Fibromyalgia Pain

Nowadays, there is more and more scientific data showing the effectiveness of cannabis to help with painful and chronic health problems. What’s more, it is much more effective and safer than over-the-counter meds, like painkillers, and it has shown to be of great aid in lowering epileptic seizures in numerous […]

How to Train Your Brain to Stop Worrying

Although we cannot escape worrying, overthinking can be difficult and if it turns into a habit, it can reduce your quality of life, happiness, and overall health and well-being. When a person worries too much, it means that they are constantly pondering on what will happen in the future, i.e. […]

How Vitamin A Cured my Anxiety

According to estimates, anxiety will be a problem for more than 40 million people in the U.S. However, only 4 million of these people will receive treatment whereas only 400,000 will actually get the right therapy. When it comes to the treatment options for anxiety, it is good to know […]

11 Reasons Why Dehydration Is Making You Sick and Fat

Dehydration or lack of water in the body can lead to adverse side effects like tiredness, headaches, as well as problems with the skin, kidneys, bladder, and digestion. The most common symptom of dehydration is thirst. To prevent this from happening, make sure you sip enough water throughout the day. […]

10 Herbs You can Grow Indoors in Water all Year Long

10 Herbs You can Grow Indoors in Water all Year Long

According to Live Love Fruit, though winter means end for fresh local produce, especially if live in the Northern hemisphere, you should not be disappointed because there is a way to grow some of these produces at home without any mud and planters. Believe it or not, there are more […]