5 Types of Tummies & How to Get Rid of Them

Without doubt, shaping the body and toning the belly is not an easy and straightforward task and it requires dedication on the daily. It is of utmost importance to include the proper exercises and eat healthy and balanced foods. What’s more, you should also know the type of belly fat so that you can know the best ways to shed it!

The 5 most Common Types of Abdominal Fat

  1. Hormonal belly fat

Did you know that hormonal imbalances can trigger the creation of fat in the abdominal area? To solve this issue, make sure you eat healthier foods and exclude the unhealthy ones.

  1. Post-pregnancy belly fat

Mommies who are struggling with post-pregnancy abdominal fat should start working out and massaging the abdominal area in order to decrease the accumulated fat.

  1. Stressed-out belly

Exposure to chronic stress and insufficient sleep can lead to abdominal bloating. To fix things, you need to get at least 8 hours of sleep per night, find appropriate relaxation methods like yoga or meditation, and decrease the intake of caffeine.

  1. Alcohol belly

Too much alcohol can impede the digestion in the body and alcoholic drinks are also known to be high in calories. To treat this problem, lower your alcohol consumption and eat more veggies and fruits.

  1. Bloated belly

Bloating is often linked to digestive problems. A good option to put an end to bloating is to eat more foods rich in probiotics and up your intake of water.

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