Better Than Painkillers: Smear This Oil For Instant Relief. Good For People With Arthritis, Sciatica, And Back Pain

As we age, the body becomes more and more vulnerable and more prone to various health issues. One of the most common health problems adults face these days is definitely pain in the joints, which can often cause severe and throbbing pain, especially in arthritis sufferers. To treat the pain, most people reach for over-the-counter meds and ointments. But, you should know that you can naturally reduce the pain with the help of a brief massage and one essential oil.

Treating Joint Ache with Castor Oil

This essential oil is abundant in anti-inflammatory properties and it can therefore be used to treat one of the major symptoms of arthritis, i.e. joint ache. Namely, the oil encourages the inflammation-fighting antibodies. The oil is excellent for topical application as the body absorbs it quickly. What’s more, you can also use it to massage inflamed nerves and sore muscles.

How to Use Castor Oil for Arthritis and Joint Ache

Warm up some castor oil and then use it to massage the painful areas gently for 5 minutes. If you suffer from arthritis, make sure to repeat the procedure at least twice per week.

Another method which is great for arthritis sufferers is to soak a piece of cotton fabric in castor oil and leave it overnight. The next morning, squeeze out the surplus oil and apply the fabric onto the affected area. On top of it, hold a heating pad and rest for an hour. Do the procedure regularly.

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