Drinking Lemon Water Every Morning- The Mistake Millions of People Make

Nowadays, more and more people have started to drink lemon water in the morning before breakfast due to the amazing health properties it offers. Namely, lemon juice is known to contain potassium, protein, vitamins B and C, antioxidants, phosphorus, carbohydrates, flavonoids, and volatile oils. It has potent antibacterial, antiviral, and immune-building characteristics as well.

The Benefits of Lemon Water

This healthy drink is an excellent method for strengthening of your immunity and prevention of infections due to the richness in limonene, magnesium, calcium, vitamins, pectin, citric acid, and bioflavonoids. Did you know that one cup of lemon water supplies you with 187 percent of the recommended daily dosage of vitamin C?

Regular intake of lemon water in the morning will:

  • Encourage weight loss
  • Cleanse the body
  • Better the digestion
  • Prevent food cravings
  • Create an alkaline surrounding in the body
  • Stimulates the functioning of the GI tract
  • Prevents retention of fluid

The Most Common Mistake People Make

Usually, when people prepare this beverage, they throw away the peel, however, this is wrong because the peel is the most nutritious part of the lemon and you should include it in the drink. Here’s how to do that.

You will need:

2 organic lemons, cut into slices

Preparation: Squeeze the slices into a glass of water and then grate the peel into the mixture and pour ice cold or boiling water.

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