Mexican Doctor Reveals a Natural Cure for Joint Pain; It Improves Memory & Vision Up to 80 %

According to Make Your Life Healthier, a Mexican doctor has revealed the most powerful DIY remedy which has the power to improve the metabolism, detoxify the whole body from toxins, and better your brain function.

What’s more, this remedy is frequently used by people to enhance their eyesight and to relieve joint ache. Therefore, if you happen to experience some of these health issues, you should definitely try out this cure!

3-Ingredient DIY Natural Cure

To prepare this remedy, you just need three simple components, i.e. lemon, honey, and horseradish.

The Recipe


4 lemons

4-inch ginger root

3 tbsp of honey, raw

Horseradish, 125 grams

2 tbsp of cinnamon

A glass jar

Preparation: First, blend the horseradish and ginger and then, without peeling the lemons, cut them into slices and eliminate any seeds. Then, add them to the blender and blend once more. Next, add the honey and cinnamon and mix everything well. Afterwards, transfer the content into a glass jar and store it in the fridge.

Use: Take a tsp of the remedy twice per day for 3 weeks.

Best Foods to Better Your Brain Function, Memory & Vision

  • Apples- they will help you improve your memory and stay fit
  • Turmeric- its active ingredient known as curcumin will sharpen your memory and avert inflammation too
  • Nuts- they will elevate your brain power with the help of its omega-3 fatty acids; also, they will improve the flow of oxygen and other nutrients to the brain
  • Acorn squash- this type of squash is abundant in vitamin B12 and folic acid and it will also guard the nerves in the brain from injuries
  • Black chocolate- this type of chocolate is rich in antioxidants and caffeine, substances known to sharpen the memory and enhance concentration
  • Green tea- this beverage will elevate the electrical connectivity of the brain and boost your cognitive functions
  • Tomatoes– this fruit is abundant in lycopene, a compound capable of saving the brain cells from free radical damage
  • Rosemary- this plant is abundant in substances that are beneficial for the brain
  • Beets- this veggie contains natural nitrates that will better the blood flow in the body and brain
  • Eggs-choline, a compound in eggs, is great in bettering your brain health
  • Avocados- this fruit is an excellent choice to boost the blood flow to the brain
  • Blueberries– they are a tasty and a very healthy fruit and it has a strong antioxidant power that will keep the brain safe from oxidative damage




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