Moringa: The Herb that Could Treat Cancer & Stop Diabetes

If you want to improve your overall health, experience no problems with your body, be more energetic, and live longer, moringa is the ideal plant for you. It originates from South Asia and it has long been used as a powerful natural remedy in traditional medicine because of its strong healing properties, including its antioxidant power. Its fruits and leaves are abundant in vitamins and minerals.

Nutritive Value of One Cup of Moringa

According to Organic Health Universe, a cup of moringa will supply you with:

  • 19 percent of vitamin B6 RDA
  • 9 percent of vitamin A RDA
  • 2 grams of protein RDA
  • 12 percent of vitamin C RDA
  • 11 percent of vitamin B2 RDA
  • 11 percent of iron RDA
  • 8 percent of magnesium RDA

The Health Benefits of Moringa

  1. Strengthens the bones

Regular consumption of moringa will help you up your bone density. This is because it is rich in iron and calcium which are pivotal for the bones. It is great for increasing stamina and improving the health during adolescence too.

  1. Averts cancer

The antioxidant characteristics of moringa are highly effective in fighting off free radicals and preventing the formation of cancerous cells. What’s more, this plant contains beta-carotene, vitamin C, quercetin, and chlorogenic acid, which are known to fight off free radical damage.

  1. Alleviate headaches

Homemade moringa juice made from its roots and mixed with equal parts of jiggery is an excellent quick remedy for headaches.

  1. Can be of aid for treatment of eye problems

Did you know that moringa can be beneficial for the treatment of conjunctivitis? To prepare a remedy for it, mash some moringa leaves and apply the paste onto closed eyes. Keep it for several minutes and then rinse it off thoroughly. In addition to helping with conjunctivitis symptoms, it can also lower eye swelling.

  1. Decreases blood sugar

Diabetics can benefit a lot from moringa consumption. Namely, according to studies done with animals, moringa has a positive effect on balancing the blood pressure. What’s more, according to a study done with humans, the women who consumed 7 grams of moringa leaf powder for a period of 90 days experienced a reduction in their blood sugar levels by 13.5 percent.

  1. Cleanses the blood

To purify the blood and remove acne and other skin issues, moringa pods and leaves make the ideal natural cure. Apply a juice made from them onto the affected areas to speed up the healing process.

  1. It prevents premature aging

Since it is abundant in vitamin A, moringa consumption will help you fight off premature aging. It will also boost your immunity and enhance your vision!




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