National Cancer Institute Quietly Confirms that Cannabis can Cure Cancer

With the ongoing information appearing about the medicinal properties of cannabis, the National Cancer Institute decided to find out whether such claims are actually true. However, despite not failing under the Schedule 1 rating, marijuana remains illegal in a lot of countries along with dangerous and addictive drugs without any medicinal properties, including methamphetamine and cocaine.

The drugs under 1 include drugs with high potential for abuse and no medicinal properties while the ones under 2 are also with potential for abuse, but do have medicinal properties, which is rather contradictory because does meth have any medicinal characteristics?!

Under the NCI, this plant has the power to lower the side effects of chemotherapy. What’s more, despite different cases of successfully cured people with the help of cannabis, the government and the media are not so keen on revealing all available information regarding its true potentials.

What Is Marijuana?

Marijuana or cannabis refers to the dried buds and leaves of different varieties of the plant known as Cannabis sativa. This plant is known to grow wild in warm and tropical climates throughout the planet and it is cultivated commercially. As explained by the American Cancer Society, it goes by numerous other names like grass, weed, hash, pot, etc.

Though it has recently become extremely popular, marijuana has been present for centuries and regularly used as an herbal cure. This plant has biologically-active components known as cannabinoids, including the two most-studied ones, i.e. THC and CBD.

Health Benefits of Cannabis

Experiments done with mice, as explained on Truth Inside of You, concluded that cannabinoids may be of great aid in fighting off colon inflammation and may lower the amount of cancerous cells in the colon.

Further on, it was found beneficial in averting the growth of tumor blood vessels and one study indicates that cannabidiol affects cancer cells only, without harming the good ones.

Delta-9-THC and other cannabinoids are one of the best methods to elevate the food consumption capacity of patients suffering from cancer.

Cannabis is also commonly used for pain management. Namely, the molecules that bind it have been studied for their anti-inflammatory capacity. As noted on Truth Inside of You, they can reduce ache in the spinal cord, brain, and nerve endings.

Nevertheless, researchers also emphasize that there is not sufficient evidence so that medicine starts recommending to patients to inhale or ingest cannabis with the goal to alleviate and treat cancer symptoms or manage the side effects of cancer therapy easier.


All in all, there is still need for further scientific data (the research on cannabis is ongoing throughout the world) to clearly prove that cannabinoids, whether they are natural or synthetic, can successfully treat cancer in patients.







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