How to Use Castor Oil to Dissolve Cataracts & Get 20/20 Vision

As seen on Health Freedoms, for a lot of people, cataracts are considered to be a natural part of the aging process; however, aging does not necessarily have to involve eye-related issues such as this one.

You just need a powerful and 100 percent natural method to avert this health problem, i.e. castor oil. Continue reading the article to learn why you need to start using castor oil if you want to improve your vision…

What Are Cataracts?

Cataracts, as explained on Juicing for Health, are known as clouding and deterioration of the eye lens from age-related thickening and this health issue is more common in elderly people and in a lot of cases, it may be the main cause for blindness. But, it may also occur in younger individuals.

This degenerative illness, as it is the case with most of these diseases, is a consequence of oxidative damage or oxidation to the lens’ protein structure, a process known as glycation. According to studies, as noted on Juicing for Health, the risk of cataracts is higher in individuals who have a low amount of antioxidants. When the glutathione levels are maintained high, cataracts and consequent surgery may be prevented. To boost your antioxidant levels, opt for foods that are known antioxidants.

How Can Castor Oil Help You Dissolve Cataracts?

When caught early on, cataracts can be treated with castor oil because it has the power to slow down the progression of the disease and may even help you restore your vision. For centuries, according to Health Freedoms, castor oil has been commonly used to encourage healing and detoxification. But, you need to be careful of low-quality castor oil products and make sure you are buying organic, pure, and cold-pressed castor oil that is free of hexane and obtained from trusted sellers.

How to Use Castor Oil to Address Cataracts

Lie down, and with the help of a drop applicator, drop one drop of the oil into each eye, once per day, preferably before going to bed at night because the oil may temporarily blur your vision. If you notice crusts around the eyes in the morning, do not worry, this means that the natural by-products are being removed from the eyes. Just thoroughly and gently rinse them with lukewarm water.

The improvement is expected to happen with a day or two. If you do not notice improvement after three days, stop with the method because this may not be the best solution for your cataract problem.