Mix A Little Salt and Olive Oil and You Will Not Feel Pain for the Next 5 Years

Chronic neck pain can be debilitating and it can be a result of numerous factors, including different illnesses and disorders. Some of them are neck strain, degenerative disc disease, a neck injury, a pinched nerve, or a herniated disc. Sometimes, common infections like throat infection may lead to lymph node swelling and ache in the neck, as well as some rarer infections like neck tuberculosis and meningitis, as explained on Medicine Net.

The pain in the neck is usually dull and may become worse with movements of the neck or turning the head. Other symptoms that may take place with neck pain are tenderness, tingling sensation, numbness, ache, poor swallowing, dizziness, pulsations, and lymph node swelling.

What about Treatment?

Once the underlying cause of the neck pain is established, the treatment that follows will depend on it. Some of the possible treatment methods that doctors recommend are rest, cold and heat therapy, traction, soft-collar traction, physical therapy, local injections, topical creams, muscle relaxants and analgesics, as well as surgical procedures, according to Medicine Net.

Home Remedies Options

Some patients find treatments like Jacuzzi treatment, exercises, stretches, neck pillows, and hot pads to be effective in alleviating the pain and discomfort. Other alternative therapies for chronic neck pain include acupuncture. When it comes to natural remedies to address chronic neck ache, there is a specific mixture made from two, but very potent ingredients which a lot of people swear by, as seen on Cuisine and Health.

Salt & Olive Oil DIY Remedy


10 tbsp of sea salt

20 tbsp of quality olive oil

A glass jar

A warm cloth

Baby powder

Preparation: Place the ingredients in the jar. Close it and shake the content. Leave it like that for a couple of days or until you get a light mixture.

Application: In the morning, use the mixture to massage the painful area for 3 minutes. Perform the massage on the daily and increase the duration for 2 minutes every day until you are able to massage it for 20 minutes. When you are finished with the massage, cover the neck with a warm cloth. Before doing this, make sure you wipe the area clean with a dry cloth and sprinkle some baby powder.

The Benefits of the Remedy

After a period of 10 days, you will experience:

  • Better blood flow
  • Regenerated cartilage and bone tissue
  • Enhanced blood flow in the cervical spine
  • Less headaches
  • Clearer vision
  • Improved metabolism





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