Have You Purchased these 4 Dangerous Supplements from Walmart or Target?!

Unfortunately, as noted on The Hearty Soul, you may want to rethink your purchasing of supplements in national retailers like Walmart, Walgreens, Target or GNC because back in 2015, they were exposed for their selling possibly-harmful herbal supplements to customers.

However, these products are continuously advertised as abundant in healthy herbal mixtures, but the truth is that they are only full of fillers like radish, common house plants, soy, wheat, beans, legumes, peas, and rice.

The improper labeling has tricked Americans into purchasing these supplements with the hope of leading a healthier diet and improving their lifestyle. Believe it or not, these fillers have been associated with allergies.

The Four Fake Supplements

  1. GNC herbal supplements

Some of the brands sold in GNC contain peanuts and soybean, known allergens.

  1. Target supplements

Their St. John’s Wort, Valerian Root, and Ginkgo Biloba have no nutritious, herbal ingredients, but are full of carrots, peas, rice, and beans.

  1. Walgreen’s supplements

The ginseng supplement had no traces of ginseng, but it did have powdered garlic and rice.

  1. The ginkgo biloba from Walmart’s

This well-known supplement is filled with radishes and wheat although it is advertised as gluten- and wheat-free!

How to Opt for a Quality Supplement

  • Always buy supplements from health food stores, avoid supermarkets and drugstores
  • Never go with the cheapest option just because it is the most affordable one; always put quality first
  • Consult a practitioner for advice to decide on the right dosage and type for you
  • Do not take supplements that contain a lot of binders or fillers
  • Stay away from the supplements with artificial dyes and colors

Do not forget to check out the videos shown below if you want to learn more about fake supplements:




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