Study: Drinking Wine Is more Important than Exercise If You Want to Live more than 90

According to a study, if you want to make it into your 90s, you need alcohol more than you need exercise. As Chicago Tribune explain, this was proven by a long-term study which was conducted by Claudia Kawas, a neurologist from the University of California.

She tracked 1700 nonagenarians participating in the 90+ study and it began back in 2003. The goal was to uncover the effects of the people’s habits on their longevity. Let us learn more about what the research team did and what were the results.

Alcohol Can Help You Prolong Your Life Span

The participants who consumed approximately 2 glasses of wine or beer per day had an 18 percent lower risk of premature death. And, the participants who worked out from 15 to 45 minutes on the daily also experienced a reduction in their premature death risk, but a smaller one, i.e. 11 percent.

Kawas points out that she has no explanation to as why this happened, but she does believe that moderate alcohol consumption can prolong our longevity. The research team also looked at other factors that can impact the longevity, for example, our weight. They discovered that those who were overweight (but not obese) reduced their chances of early death by 3 percent.

Kawas explains that being slim during young age is not disadvantageous; however, it can be problematic at an older age. Another finding by the study was that the participants who had a daily hobby and spend two hours per day engaged in it had 21 percent lower chance of early death. Those who consumed two cups of coffee per day managed to decrease this risk by 10 percent.

More Research Is Needed

According to Kawas, additional research is necessary in order to find out how our habits influence our longevity beyond our genetic makeup.

Alcohol Consumption Needs to Be Moderate to Benefit from It

This is not the only study done on the benefits of moderate alcohol intake. Namely, other ones indicate that this practice can decrease one’s chance of strokes, diabetes, and death caused by a heart attack.

According to Mayo Clinic, people older than 65 should consume only one alcoholic drink per day. Those who are younger than the age of 65 can opt for two standard drinks on a daily basis. A standard drink is considered to be 12 oz. of beer, 5 oz. of wine, and 1.5 oz. of distilled spirits.

As noted on Longevity Box, feel free to enjoy a glass or two of good wine or beer during lunch or dinner, but avoid drinking in higher amounts. Chronic and excessive intake of alcohol is damaging to the overall health and well-being and actually elevates your risk of death from all causes.





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