Here Is what Oncologists Will Not Tell You about Essential Oils

According to newest scientific findings, it appears that essential oils can be beneficial in treating cancer. It is important to note that cancer begins at 58 MHz whereas the human body resonates at 62-78 MHz and studies suggest that negative thinking is what lowers the frequency for approximately 12 MHz. On the other hand, thinking positively has the power to increase it by 10 MHz, Longevity box explain.

Where do essential oils come into the picture, you are probably wondering, right? As seen on Organic Home Remedies, essential oils are potent enough the change our frequency and since they have strong antibacterial characteristics, they are excellent allies in the fight against cancer.

The Power of Essential Oils for Cancer Treatment

Essential oils were found to have the capacity to fix damage in the DNA code, which may further elevate the body’s chances to treat the illness. But, remember, if you decide to try out essential oils as cancer therapy, make sure they are of therapeutic grade. Therefore, purchase only from trusted sellers to avoid poor oil quality.

According to the research, these are some essential oils and their electrical frequencies:

  • Frankincense- 147 MHz
  • Lavender- 118 MHz
  • Helichrysum- 181 MHz
  • Sandalwood- 96 MHz
  • Rose- 320 MHz
  • Angelica- 85 MHz
  • Sandalwood- 96 MHz
  • Juniper- 98 MHz

What Did the Researchers Found?

The essential oils that were found to be the most effective in the treatment of breast cancer were chamomile, thyme, jasmine, and cinnamon oil. Interestingly, thyme oils killed 97 percent of the cancerous cells whereas the chamomile one destroyed 93 percent of them.

The Benefits of Frankincense Oil

As Organic Home Remedies explain, this oil has the power to divide the nucleus of cancer cells from its cytoplasm and thus, cease its reproduction. This is believed to be a result of the monoterpenes found in it. What’s more, this oil is also cytotoxic and beneficial in all cancer stages and it never harms the good cells.

How Essential Oils Helped with Different Types of Cancer

  1. One of the participants in the study was an individual diagnosed with end-stage liver cancer. He was given several months to live. When the patient began taking frankincense oil, the tumor started to shrink. He applied it topically onto the area of the body where the liver is located and also took it orally (a couple of drops under his tongue). Once the tumor reduced enough, the team of doctors decided that surgery is possible. After a successful operation, the man was completely cured and cancer-free.
  2. One female patient who had bladder cancer also started taking frankincense oil. She was advised to undergo bladder-removal surgery. But, in a couple of months, the tumor was completely gone thanks to the oil so there was no need for surgical procedure.
  3. There was also a 5-year old female patient diagnosed with brain cancer. Her parents tried to cure the cancer in a natural way. They combined frankincense and sandalwood oil. They massaged her feet and wrists with the oil. In several months, the cancer was completely gone.




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