Gerson Therapy: A Medical Therapy That Has Successfully Treated a lot of Advanced Stage Diseases

According to Get Holistic Health, sodium is a pivotal nutrient which our body needs to keep the fluids balanced and to provide channels for nerve signalization. It is also necessary for the regulation of the blood pressure and to maintain the muscle function optimal.

When we do not get enough sodium, our body will find it more challenging to cool down after exercise or physical activity. When our bodies are hot, we sweat; however, lack of sodium may prevent the body from sweating out and thus, it will become overheated. This could eventually lead to dehydration, tiredness, and even stroke!

The surplus amount of sodium goes out through the urine and it is managed by a hormone known as aldosterone-produced by the adrenal glands. So, why did Dr. Max Gerson’s daughter Charlotte Gerson once said that sodium is no good in any form? 

Dr. Gerson’s Therapy

The major element of the Gerson Cancer Therapy is the Usage of low Na and high K diet. This high potassium and low sodium diet has been experimentally observed in order for its claims to be able to treat advanced cancer.

Newest findings from Ling laboratory point out that this type of diet can partially restore the damaged cell proteins to a normal and undamaged state. Hence, tissue damage caused by toxins and breakdown cancer products is partly fixed by this treatment. It needs to be explained to the public that the Gerson diet does not advise complete exclusion of sodium, but its reduction.

This is essential if we take into account that fruits and veggies contain it; so, removing fruits and veggies from our diet would be nonsense. The problem is with refined table salt which could cause damage when consumed excessively and it needs to be replaced with safer types of salt.

Final Thoughts

But, there is still no universal cure for cancer that works for every cancer patient (unfortunately); and sometimes, regardless of how pure the method treatment is, the real issue may not be the poison in the body, but the poison we carry (problems) in our hearts and minds.

If you want to learn more about the Gerson Cancer Therapy, check out the following video. This treatment option, as Get Holistic Health suggest, is missing flexibility and usage of nutritional substances like iodine, selenium, magnesium chloride, and baking soda that may be of great use for quick results in late stage cancer cases.



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