The Best Natural Drink For Strengthening The Knees, Rebuilding Cartilages And Ligaments

As we age, our organism tend to weaken and to function at a slower rate than before;consequently, our risk of different types of health issues, including pain in the joints and muscles, significantly increases.

Why a lot of aging individuals struggle with this type of pain? Namely, the ligaments, cartilages, and joints are very prone to the normal tear and wear that are associated with age. However, in some individuals, the problem may be more serious and a result of a specific health issue.

In most cases, people reach for over-the-counter painkillers to minimize the pain;however, the problem with these meds is that they come with serious side effects. Therefore, it is a much better solution to go with a more natural treatment. One such option is the DIY drink we have prepared for you in today’s article. It has the power to bring relief from the pain and discomfort in the above-mentioned areas in the body.

Check out the recipe below…

DIY Drink for Healthy Knees, Ligaments, & Cartilages

You will need:

A cup of oatmeal

2 cups of pineapple, chopped

A tsp of cinnamon powder

2 tbsp of unflavored gelatin

A cup of freshly-squeezed orange juice

8 oz. of sweet almonds, crushed

A tsp of maple syrup

8 oz of water

Preparation: Cook the oatmeal first and then leave it to cool down. Add it to a blender with the rest of the ingredients. Blend for a minute or two. Consume it right away.

Use: Drink 2 glasses on the daily, in the morning and in the evening, for 15 days straight.

Additional Tips to Maintain Healthy Joints

  • The body needs to be hydrated properly; opt for 2 liters of water per day
  • Enrich your diet with foods that contain vitamin C, including strawberries, broccoli,kiwis, oranges, parsley, tomatoes, and peppers
  • Consume more veggies abundant in allium like leeks, onion, garlic, and young garlic(they contain collagen which is pivotal for healthy bones, tendons, and cartilages)
  • Try to maintain a healthy and balanced weight by exercising on a regular basis and by following a healthy diet
  • Increase your calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus levels, as well as vitamin D




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