Attach a Slice of Onion to the Feet: Cure Your Diseases Overnight

Though you may find the placement of an onion on the feet odd and unreasonable, this is one of the most popular ancient remedies and some people use it today and swear by it!

According to folk medicine proponents, attaching a slice of onion onto the feet and leaving it overnight may be effective in reducing the symptoms of fever and colds. Also, it may encourage the removal of toxins from the body. Believe us, you have nothing to lose with this remedy- you may only better your condition!

In addition to being excellent in salads and burgers, onions are also a commonly used natural remedy, and a very potent one. This veggie is rich in sulfur compounds that possess powerful antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory characteristics. Below, learn more about leaving onions in your socks overnight.

Onion in a Sock: How to Do It

Before going to bed, take two slices of onion and put them onto the feet and put on socks. Leave them overnight and in the morning, your symptoms of cold or flu will decrease. The onions do their job overnight- they destroy the bad bacteria, pathogens, and germs in the body.

Why Do Not We just Eat an Onion?

A lot of people who are reading about this remedy may ask themselves why we need to put onions onto the feet when we can just eat them. However, the foot has more than 7000 nerve endings and according to reflexology, these nerve endings are associated with other body areas like the heart, sinuses, and brain. By placing onions onto the feet, their health benefits are quickly dispersed throughout important organs in a short amount of time.

Moreover, Dr. Lauren Feder, the author of Natural Baby and Childcare also recommends the onion-in-a-sock treatment for numerous other health problems, including swollen glands, earache, teething, and UTIs.