Big Pharma Is Hiding It from Us: Powerful Fruit with Anti-Cancer Property

Unfortunately, nowadays, the number of cancer patients is on the rise, both in the US and worldwide. And, there is still no universal cure for it and the conventional therapies aimed to potentially treat it are chemotherapy and radiation, as well as surgery and experimental trails. But, this does not always prove to be helpful, especially for patients with more advanced cancers.

Moreover, a lot of people are against chemo and radiation because these therapies do not just harm the cancerous cells, but the good ones too. Consequently, a person who is already with a weakened system and immunity because of cancer is additionally diminished of his/her healthy cells. This being said, a lot of patients turn to alternative treatments. One such remedy is a plant that we know as soursop.

But, no doctor or pharmacist will tell you about it because it does not bring any profit for them.

Can Soursop Help Cancer Patients?

Soursop is a tropical fruit that is also known by the name guanabana or graviola. From the outside, it has a spiny and green texture while the flesh is tangy and sweet. It is rich in niacin, folate, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, fiber, and potassium. Many holistic health practitioners use it to relieve upset stomach, asthma symptoms, gout, fever and as a natural sedative.

This fruit is known to posses anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, anti-parasitic, and antiviral characteristics.

Recent reports from research point out that this fruit may also have anti-cancer characteristics. Namely, a team of scientists from the Tepic Institute of Technology in Mexico found that this fruit has acetogenins- compounds with amazing chemotherapeutic power. The researchers are also trying to discover other foods with anti-cancer power and a good and pleasant taste so that people can enjoy eating them while benefitting from them.

The research on soursop’s anti-cancer properties is nothing new. Namely, back in 1997, a study that was published in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry discovered that this fruit was 200 times more effective than chemo when tested on breast cancerous cells.

Why Is the Public Unaware of Soursop’s Anti-Cancer Benefits?

These days, cancer organisations only shortly discuss about natural cures and usually dismiss evidence as inconclusive or explain that the study was too small or the data was not sufficient. Even though there may be groundbreaking discoveries made about natural and safe cures for cancer, research centres and universities are not readily sharing them with the public. This needs to change. Getting the needed information about any type of help when it comes to cancer treatment is beneficial because their lives are at stake!




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