Powerful Silver: Destroys 650 Distinct Pathogen & Alleviates Inflammation

Have you heard of colloidal silver? This is a traditional cure which has long been used for alleviating different types of health problems, including infected sinuses, flu, rashes, and pneumonia. This remedy is a suspension of silver particles in water or gel.

The particles settle on the liquid’s bottom; however, when they are shaken, they are dispersed again. The silver can be used in several forms, including liquid, nasal or topical spray, and ointment.

What Are Its Uses & Benefits?

Even though regulatory agencies have issued statements that this silver is not beneficial therapy for any type of health problem, there are still people who use it and believe in its advantages. Despite some data about its benefits, most of it comes from animal trails and test tube studies. Let us learn what research has concluded until now in the list below…

  • Antibiotic and antifungal properties- it could be a potential cure for disinfections of small cuts and wounds and athlete’s foot
  • It successfully led to breast cancer cell death with its antioxidant power, as well as other mechanisms
  • It can damage the cell walls of bacterial strains like E.coli and Salmonella
  • One animal study discovered that it was beneficial in the treatment of smallpox virus
  • Its nanoparticles averted HIV from attaching to cells

Is Colloidal Silver Safe for You?

According to Bulletproof, there are concerns about colloidal silver causing blue man syndrome. Namely, when one comes into contact with too much silver dust or particles, the particles can enter into the tissues. There, the silver attaches to sulfur with UV light as energy and black silver sulfide is created and makes the skin look blue.

Even though these deposits do not harm the system, no one likes to be blue for the rest of their lives, right? In the medical community, this syndrome is considered irreversible, though some scientists have been exploring the potential of laser therapy to reverse the problem.

This being said, although the occasional usage of colloidal silver will not make your skin blue, it is best to consult your physician before you start taking it internally or even better, before you decide to use it or not.




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