The Power of Nature: One Fruit May Destroy Malignant Cells of 12 Distinct Cancers

According to mainstream media reports, the fruit known as soursop or graviola is much more than a yummy treat- it may have strong anticancer properties. According to some scientific findings, it can be helpful in the fight against colon, breast, ovarian, lung, liver, prostate, pancreatic, and cervical cancer and lymphoma.

Laboratory findings showed that the fruit is 10000 times more powerful in destroying malignant cells in the colon than Adriamycin, a chemotherapy medication. However, unlike these meds, the fruit does not harm the good cells.

Soursop’s Rich Nutritive Profile

  • Iron
  • Vitamin C
  • Phosphorus
  • Thiamine
  • Riboflavin
  • Carbs
  • Niacin
  • Fiber
  • Calcium

Soursop May Help Prevent Cancer

Even though more research is necessary so that soursop’s full anticancer potential is determined, , there have been several important findings made about it until now. Check out the list below to learn more:

  • The fruit has a chemical which is 10000 times more beneficial than a frequently used chemo medication known as Adriamycin
  • According to the Catholic University of South Korea, soursop affects the malignant cells only but it is also beneficial for the good cells because it leaves them intact- unlike chemo
  • A study done by Purdue University discovered that the leaves from the soursop tree managed to destroy cancerous cells among 6 human cell lines, particularly those of pancreatic and prostate cancer

Additional Health Advantages of Soursop

  • Reduces pain linked to arthritis, rheumatism, and back problems
  • Averts UTIs thanks to its abundance of vitamin C
  • Relieves migraine and headaches with its riboflavin
  • Because it is rich in iron, it may be of aid for iron deficiency anemia sufferers
  • Lowers the chances of constipation as it is abundant in finber
  • The copper from soursop is a pivotal nutrient for optimal bone health
  • The potassium found in it may be of aid for the prevention of leg cramps
  • The B vitamins in the fruit can elevate your energy levels and relieve tiredness

Before heading out, do not forget to check out the video below and learn more about why you need to add this fruit to your daily diet:




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