The Budwig Mixture: How It Activates the Cells in the Body to Prevent & Reverse Cancer

Even though Hippocrates said “Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food”, it is Dr. Johanna Budwig who is known for turning this saying into reality. An expert on oils and fat back in the 50s, she discovered that the mixture of cottage or quark cheese and flaxseed oil has healing power for the prevention and treatment of cancer.

She also came up with the Budwig Diet or a type of a diet protocol that she believed to help with cancer.

The Discoveries of Dr. Budwig

During her research on the pathogenesis of illnesses while working as a biochemist in Germany, she found that quark cheese, i.e. soft fresh cheese, has the same sulphydryl groups present in medications prescribed for treatment of cancer. These are cysteine and methionine amino acids, as explained on The Hearty Soul.

She also found that essential polyunsaturated fatty acids are the main elements of cellular membranes. When the cellular membrane fails to function adequately, the cells lose the capacity to maintain the pivotal processes in the body, including cellular respiration and the division and formation of new cells.

Linoleic acid and linolenic acid are the two essential polyunsaturated fatty acids that are necessary for the support of the cell membrane.

Cottage Cheese + Flaxseed Oil Energize the Cells

When the sulphydryl groups in cottage or quark cheese combine with the unsaturated fatty acid in flaxseed oil, a chemical reaction happens. This makes the flaxseed water soluble and can penetrate the cells and supply them with energy. Our cells need energy to run and enable the biological functions.

During her research, Dr. Budwig treated a lot of cancer patients with her protocol. They experienced better oxygen supply to the cells. These patients were diagnosed with breast, brain, gastrointestinal, and skin cancers.

Make Dr. Budwig’s Protocol a Lifestyle

Here are Dr. Budwig’s recommendations to fight off cancer, according to her protocol:

  • Drink only filtered water
  • Get enough sunshine on the daily
  • Remove all processed foods from your diet
  • Avoid sugar, meat, and animal fat
  • Eat only organic fruits and veggies
  • Avoid eating leftovers, opt for fresh food only
  • Stay away from drugs and supplements
  • Grind flaxseed fresh and consume it within 15 minutes of grinding
  • Combine cottage or quark cheese and flaxseed oil in 2:1 ratio in a blender

Dr. Budwig’s Tips for Cancer Patients

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, she recommends eating up to 8 tbsp of flaxseed oil on the daily whereas a tbsp per day is recommendable for prevention of cancer.

Also, as cancer growth is stimulated by toxins, you need to remove them from your lifestyle. This includes GMO foods, trans fats, and cooking utensils like Teflon and plastic.

Recipe for the Budwig Mixture

Put a tbsp of cold pressed flaxseed oil in a glass container and add 2 tbsp of low fat cottage or quark cheese. Do not use the hands to mix, but rather an immersion blender. Blend for a minute to get a whipped cream-like texture.

Next, grind 2 tbsp of golden or brown flaxseed in a coffee grinder. Once you get a fluffy mixture, transfer it into a different glass bowl. Add the previous blend to the bowl and stir with a spoon. Combine everything together and consume.

You can also add organic nuts, fruits, and spices to the mixture for additional healing power and a boost in flavor and taste.

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