Remove Surplus Lung Mucus with this DIY All-Natural Syrup

Phlegm, a type of mucus, is produced in the lungs and lower respiratory tract and it is most accentuated when a person is sick. Even when a person is healthy, mucus forms a protective lining in specific body parts and thus, prevents drying out and helps fight off against viruses and bacteria.

However, a healthy body needs only some mucus and too much can be problematic. Usually, it is caused by allergies, common colds, the flu, nose or throat irritation, digestive problems, smoking, and lung disease.

Taking into account that over-the-counter meds for mucus removal as well as syrups are often filled with chemicals and toxins, it is good to know that there are beneficial natural remedies that can help you fight off surplus mucus in the lungs without harming your health.

One such cure is the homemade syrup we will present today. Completely natural and free of side effects, this cure definitely deserves a place in your medicine cabinet.

DIY Anti-Mucus Syrup

You will need:

A cup of maple syrup

250 ml of water

One lemon, sliced

A tbsp of flaxseed

A tbsp of sage

A tbsp of marshmallow root

Preparation: In one saucepan, cook the water and maple syrup on medium heat for 10 minutes. Add the remaining ingredients and lower the heat. Stir and cook for 15 more minutes. Afterwards, remove it from heat. Once it cools down, transfer the syrup into a glass jar. Keep it in the fridge.

Use: Take one tbsp three times per day on a regular basis or until you notice improvement.




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