Raw Honey: The Liquid Gold with Unique Antiviral, Anti-aging & Anti-Cancer Properties

Often times, raw and organic honey is often referred to as ‘liquid gold’ due to its astonishing healing properties, i.e. antifungal, antiviral, restorative, anti-aging, and anti-cancer.

Unstrained and not warmed over 115 degrees Fahrenheit, this honey is rich in good chemicals, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids. All of these substances play a major role in preserving the optimal health and reducing the risk of diseases and infections.

Continue reading to article to learn more about why you need to regularly consume raw and organic honey.

Raw Honey’s Amazing Healing Potential

This honey will help you better your overall health in numerous different ways. Namely, it will strengthen your immunity, improve the digestion, better the blood flow, help speed up the healing of ulcers, alleviate cold and flu symptoms, relieve sore throat, cleanse the kidneys, and more.

Thanks to the probiotics present in it, honey helps maintain optimal gut health. If we take into account that a large part of our immunity is centered in the gut, raw honey needs to be a part of every healthy diet.

Being an expectorant, it can be of great aid for asthma and bronchitis. Moreover, it is hygroscopic, that is, it has the ability to pull out the dampness from germs and thus, induce their death.

This being said, many people apply it topically onto the skin to alleviate abrasions, cuts, bruises, and rashes and to keep wounds and injuries sterile.

Adding Raw Honey to Your Diet

You can begin gradually- add a tsp of it to your lemon water cup in the morning or in your afternoon tea. It will boost your energy and boost your overall health. It will give you the much needed support to go through the day.




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