Female Power: Vegan Athlete Breaks Women’s World Record for Longest Plank

Did you know that this female Canadian fitness enthusiast stayed in a plank pose for more than 4 hours and doubled her personal best from 2016?

The vegan athlete, Dana Glowacka, successfully broke the women’s World Record for the longest abdominal plank. She was second in the International World Cup Plank Challenge in Beijing in 2016. Now, she held the pose for 4 hours and 20 minutes. Wow!

On her Instagram, Glowacka wrote that she is so grateful and that if one puts in the whole of them in what they believe, they are going to make it. She also thanked everyone who congratulated and believed in her.

For 4 years, she has been regularly working out with George Hood. She also did Yin-Yoga and Ashtanga for years in order to better her balance. Interestingly, she follows a vegan diet and once stated that ‘Spirulina is in her blood’.

But, she is not the only vegan athlete to compete for a World Record. Last year, Fiona Oakes, distance runner, scored her 4th Guinness World Record.

Her most recent accomplishment was the Fastest Half Marathon Runner in an Animal Costume. She dedicated her achievement to Vegan Power and stated that this was for the animals, people, and planet.

Want to see the amazing photos that Glowacka has in plank position? No worries- check her Instagram here– she has amazing ones!




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