Doctors Warn: Women Need to Stop Putting Wasp Nests in their Vaginas

After the increase in this quite odd trend, doctors are now warning women to stop using powder from wasp nests to make their vaginas younger and tighten the skin!

Namely, in the last year, several online retailers have been selling oak galls or nests full of eggs from wasps promising to be of aid in rejuvenating the vagina when they’re placed inside of it. Oh, no!

Wasp Nests in the Vagina: What’s Wrong with the World?!

According to the instructions from the sellers on Amazon and Etsy, the oak galls are crushed into a paste-like texture and need to be applied topically.

According to claims by sellers, the paste can help improve sexual life, speed up the healing of episiotomy cuts, rejuvenate the uterine wall, and cleanse out the vagina after birth.

The University of Kentucky explains that oak galls are large and round growths full of spongy mass. A single wasp larva is found inside a hard seed-like cell in the center.

For centuries, they’ve been used for the creation of ink; however, these days, women are placing powdered oak galls in their vaginas hoping to make them younger!

According to Dr. Jen Gunter, gynecologist, women need to understand the danger of this practice and is urging themto stop using this product. She explains that the practice is using drying agents to make the vagina tighter.

However, when the vaginal mucosa is made dryer, the risk of sex-related abrasions is higher, but also the destruction of the protective mucous layer.

Plus, there’s the harm it can inflict upon good bacteria in the vagina. And, oak galls haven’t been studied in relation to the benefits/disadvantages related to the vagina.

When Will Bizarre Trends End?

Unfortunately, it’s really unbelievable how willing people are to try all kinds of stuff only to be made younger. This wasp nest in the vagina trend is definitely a proof of this.

But, this isn’t the first trend doctors have warned against- last year, the womb detox trend was quite popular among women with the claims to be of aid with ovarian cysts, fibroids, thrush, and endometriosis.

This was a bag of perfumed herbs that were advertised as health boosters and women were advised to put three of the herbal balls into the vagina. However, doctors explain that leaving a product in the vagina, which is not designed for it, puts you at a higher risk of toxic shock syndrome.

For any vaginal-related problems, make sure you discuss them with your doctor first. Never use any products on your own, especially ones that haven’t been researched.





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