K-9 Find Missing 3-Year-Old Autistic Boy from Florida in Half an Hour

Thanks to Florida deputies and their bloodhound, a 3-year-old autistic boy is safe and back home after getting lost in the woods.

While the boy’s grandmother was taking care of him, the boy managed to unlock the deadbolt on their door and walked out of the house while the grandma was in the bathroom.

The boy wandered through the woods behind their neighbour’s home in Pace, a suburb in Pensacola in the Florida panhandle, and got lost.

The mother, Audra Hughes said that she heard one of the most terrifying words a mother can hear ‘your child is missing, get home now’.

The Boy Is Found & Brought Back Home

The Sana Rosa County’s Sheriff’s Office started searching the woods and after two hours, they had nothing. So, they decided to bring in their bloodhounds. In less than half an hour, the autistic boy was found.

He was in between briars and had mud on his clothes and face, but was some 200 yards away. They had to use a machete to reach him. He had some scratches and bites from bugs, but his overall health was okay.

The team was congratulated on their hard work, including the smart and well-trained bloodhounds.

Bob Johnson, the sheriff, introduced bloodhounds into the agency a year ago. For now, they’ve helped find 9 people, including missing children and seniors, as well as criminals.