First Case of Dengue Fever Sexually Transmitted Has Been Confirmed in Spain

According to Spanish authorities, a man living in Spain contracted dengue fever from his partner during sexual intercourse. Until now, dengue was considered transmittable through mosquito bites only; however, this is another confirmed way of the disease being spread.

The man developed this tropical fever through sexual intercourse with another man and it’s believed to be the first case of this type in the world. His male partner picked up the virus during a trip in Cuba and experienced the same symptoms 10 days earlier.

The Madrid authorities confirmed the case and said that the fever was transmitted through the semen.

Scientists discovered that the virus could live in the semen, 18 months ago, when a traveler returning from Thailand was examined; however, there was no evidence that it could further spread through it.

What Kind of Disease Is Dengue Fever?

Dengue fever is a type of viral infection that’s very common in some parts of the world, but most commonly in South America, Asia, and the Caribbean.

It’s manifested through symptoms like headache, high temperature, and ache behind the eyes and the muscles, and nausea and vomiting.

The symptoms usually clear within a week or so; however, for some patients, it can be much more serious.

The partners’ sperm was tested and it was discovered that didn’t just have dengue, but it was the exactly same virus that was circulating in Cuba.

Dengue Fever Is Sexually-Transmittable?

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control confirmed that this was the first case of dengue fever transmitted through sex between two men.

There’s a suspected case of this disease being spread from woman to man during sex in South Korea; however, it hasn’t been confirmed.

The disease is most severe and deadly in children, particularly young girls. But, scientists don’t know exactly why this is so.

A scientific journal last year published a study which documented the case of a man from Italy in his 50s who was diagnosed with dengue after coming back from Thailand.

After recovery, the virus was still visible in his blood and urine after 23 days; but was still in his semen after a period of 37 days. This discovery led scientists to think that dengue fever can be transmitted through intercourse, same as the ZIKA virus is known to be.