A Cheetah Sees a Photographer Resting under a Tree, Decides to Join Him

When Dolph C. Volker, a wildlife photographer and zoologist lost his beloved dog, he was deeply hurt and grieving.

This loss has changed his life forever and today, he’s devoted to serving and helping animals.

His priority is fighting for animal rights and he’s a conservationist who’s focused on raising awareness about endangered species and how we can best help them.

He invests money and also spends his holidays as a volunteer in the Cheetah Experience location in South Africa.

This non-profit organization provides home for endangered species, including cheetahs, leopards, non-breeding male lions, caracals, servals, African wildcats, wolves, meerkats, and Siberian tigers.

The Cheetah Named Eden Joins Volker for a Midday Nap

During one of his visits to the Cheetah Experience, Volker was feeling tired and decided to take a rest under the tree’s shadow.

This is when the cheetah living in this area named Eden spotted the photographer. She walked up to him, sniffed him a bit, and cuddled in.

Volker was amazed by this surprise visit and this moment was a start of an amazing friendship. Eden cuddles with Volken, nibbles on him, purrs and snuggles too!

This bond is indeed a special one and Volker is also known as the Cheetah Whisperer as he often spends time in their company.

The Special that Bond Volken & Eden Share

He’s spent a lot of time trying to gain their confidence and trust and today, his hard work is paying off- the cheetahs love him!

When talking about his connection with Eden, Volken said that she ended up liking him a lot and he trusts her completely to spend time together.

The more comfortable she grew around him, the more did Eden treat Volken like another cheetah with all the nibbling, grooming, biting, purring, and cuddling.

He’s amazed of how affectionate and caring they can actually be compared to the average domesticated cat, explains Volken.

He believes these animals are very special and that they deserve all the support, help, and protection we can give them.

The video he took of the cheetah Eden snuggling up to him has gone viral and we definitely love it.

Check it out below:





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