Did the Elephants in China Really Got Drunk & Passed Out in a Garden?

Earlier this week, an elephant story that appeared on social media went viral and took over the hearts of people all over the world- it claimed that several elephants in China accidentally got drunk and passed out.

Really? Elephants can get drunk?!

Who would’ve thought? Apparently, the 14 elephants went into a village in the Chinese Yunan province and were looking for food and corn.

They ended up consuming 30 kilos of corn wine and fell asleep in a tea garden nearby.

Debunking the Twitter Viral Post for Drunken Elephants in China

One of the photos in the Tweet is actually from several months ago, according to W USA 9.

The other one is a bit newer. However, although it claimed it shows drunken elephants in China, the authorities in China dispute this.

The first photo from standing elephants in a field isn’t showing elephants that allegedly raided a village while on a lockdown because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The photo has been present on social medial since at least December, 2019. It was used as a header image for an Asian Elephant Research Center in Yunnan article.

What about the Second Image?

The authenticity of the second image is not entirely clear. The China News Service reported on it because it originally appeared on the Weibo Chinese social media website.

A Weibo user took the photo of the sleeping elephants and said that they were ‘drunk in a tea garden’.

Even though the Forestry and Grassland Bureau of Yunnan said that there was indeed a herd of elephants in the town the Weibo user said they were, they denied that these photos were of those elephants and also denied that the elephants got drunk.

So, all in all, although it may seem cute and comforting seeing a bunch of elephants lying around drunk from corn wine, we can’t be sure this is real news and these photos aren’t in accordance with the story that’s been going viral on different social media!





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