12 Exercises to Tighten Your Butt & Legs in 4 Weeks

A trainer from Nike, Alex Fagan claims that in order to shape your legs and buttocks, it’s essential to incorporate squats to your workout routine.

And, you can easily combine this exercise with others. Squats are simple, can be performed at home, and aren’t time-consuming.

If you’re therefore looking for the best exercises to tighten your buttocks and shape your legs, this set of 12 squat variations is a must. Continue reading to check out the entire workout plan.

Tighten Your Butt & Legs with These 12 Exercises

Basic Squat

Keep the feet flat on the ground and the arms in front of you. Make several reps.

Kickback Squat

This is an extension of the basic squat- after you get up kick one leg behind and bring it back. On the next up, kick back with the other leg.

Sumo Squat

Stand with the feet wider than the hip-width apart and rotate the feet out and clasp the hands at the chest.

Go down by pushing the hips back and the squats down while keeping a straight back and the upper body lifted.

Reaching Sumo Squat

This is the same as before you just make a change in the hands-as you go up, you make a circle with the hands from the bottom all the way up-this is great cardio boost.

Oblique Squat

Do the same as for a basic squat; but before you go back to primary position, squeeze one leg and crunch it up.

Repeat with the other leg to make one rep.

Jump Squat

In the basic squat pose, when you go down, engage the core and jump in the air.

When you land, bring the body back and go in primary position to get one rep done. When you jump, straighten the legs and move them behind.

Pistol Squat

When you go down in squat pose, you straighten one leg and go down a bit more.

Curtsy Squat

While standing with the feet hip-width apart and the hands on the hips take a step back with the right leg and cross it behind the left and bend the knees.

Lower the hips until the left thigh is parallel to the floor. Keep the upper body upright. Go back to the primary position and repeat on the other side.

Split Squat

While in a standing pose, take a long step forward as if you were doing a lung.

Raise the heel of your back foot and keep the torso straight. Lower gradually until the back knee is almost touching the floor and then push back up.

Do all the reps with one leg and then do it with the other as well.

Isometric squat with toe taps

Set the feet a bit wider than shoulder-width apart and squat with the knees and stretch the right leg to the right and keep it straight.

Do the reps on one side and then do the same amount on the other side.

Pop Squat

While standing with the feet hip-width apart, sit the hips behind and down into a squat before you jump into the air and land softly in the primary position.





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