9 Alkaline Foods That Will Help Clean and Remove All Acids From Your Body

One of the key elements to our health is our organism’s pH balance. Due to everyday exposure to stress, lack of exercise, improper diet, and environmental factors, the pH balance of our organism can become disordered, leading to increased acidity in the body.

Once the acidic state is established in the body, we become more prone to disease and chronic conditions, as well as more susceptible to toxin accumulation and damage.

Changes in diet are necessary in order to restore our body’s natural pH state, which means we need to consume more alkaline foods. Here is a list of the most potent ones:

1.       Lemons

Even though they are acidic in taste, lemons are actually an alkaline type of food. They promote weight loss, and they are rich in vitamin C which is the best immune system booster known to us. Antioxidants present in lemons are responsible for eliminating any toxins and free radicals from our organism.

2.       Plum Tomatoes

Rich in vitamins A and C, plum tomatoes are also excellent immune system boosters. They are also known for their ability to help with skin conditions, bladder issues, weight loss, and prevention of urinary tract diseases and cancer.

3.       Almonds

As most nuts are, almonds are rich in healthy fatty acids and nutrients which increase the alkalinity of our body. Almonds are famous for their property to increase muscle mass, reduce cholesterol levels, and they even improve our skin and hair health.

4.       Grapefruit

As with all citruses, grapefruits are extremely healthy to us, while containing neglectable amounts of sugars. This makes grapefruit an alkaline food. With regular grapefruit consumption, your metabolism will speed up and fat won’t be able to accumulate in your body.

5.       Basil

Commonly referred to as the king of herbs, basil is extremely rich in vitamins and minerals. It contains staggering amounts of vitamins C and K, as well as minerals such as iron, calcium, and magnesium. Basil is also rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which are responsible for reducing the acidity of our organism. Basil can also prevent kidney stone formation.

6.       Cabbage

Cabbage alkalizes our body on a cellular level, and it also supports our immune and digestive systems. It is able to achieve this due to the high presence of magnesium and folate, as well as fiber. Cabbage is one of the key elements in most contemporary weight loss diets.

7.       Cucumbers

Due to the high water content, cucumbers are known as strong diuretics, able to expel toxins and waste accumulated in our body, and cleanse it entirely. This vegetable also helps our cells stay hydrated. Cucumber juice prevents acid crystallization by helping our body expel uric acid.

8.       Cantaloupes

Rich in vitamin B, beta carotene, and water, cantaloupe is able to increase the production of white blood cells in our organism, which leads to immune system function improvement, while leading our organism into a more alkaline state.

9.       Key limes

Vitamin C is one of the main reasons of why key limes are so effective in detoxifying our body. As most citruses, key limes also help with urinary tract issues, such as inflammation caused by bacteria.



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