Fussy Newborn: How to Calm Your Baby Instantly by Massaging these Feet Points

As babies cannot yet talk, the only way through which they can express discomfort or pain is through crying. Whether it is constipation, congestion or belly aches or the flu, a baby will cry to express how she/he feels. So, most mommies need to dedicate a lot of time on soothing their babies, of course, in consultation with the recommendations of the baby’s pediatrician.

But, not all mommies are immediately successful and a lot of them struggle with fussy babies or babies with colic-like symptoms. Regardless of whether they are fed with formula or breastfed, in the first couple of months, a lot of babies go through a fussy period and the symptoms are the strongest in the afternoon or evening.

Making a Distinction between “Normal” & a “Problem”

A “normal” fussiness of the baby mostly happens during the time of the day when the baby stays awake more, that is, the evening, right before he/she sleeps for the longest time. The intensity of the fussiness is approximately the same and the baby usually calms down with methods like holding, breastfeeding, and motion. The baby will have other parts of the day when he/she is awake or asleep without having any fussiness symptoms.

Some experts believe that feet reflexology can be of great aid in alleviating the fussiness symptoms in babies, i.e. massaging specific points on the baby’s feet. Below, check out a list with 5 beneficial reflexology points to massage when your baby is fussy…

5 Reflexology Feet Points for Fussy Babies

  1. Gently rub the soles to stimulate the baby’s large intestine and reduce gases
  2. Massage the tips of the toes to alleviate crying, especially one associated with teething
  3. To relieve runny nose, surplus mucus, and sniffing, massage the center of the toes
  4. Reduce chest congestion due to infections or colds by rubbing the baby’s balls of the feet, right below the toes’ neck
  5. To stimulate bowel movements and to relieve obstructed bowel, massage the center of the baby’s feet soles

Before heading out, do not forget to check out the video below and learn more about reflexology and how it can help you relieve fussiness in your newborn:

If you want to know more about the benefits of reflexology for babies, check out this link.




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