These Adorable Rare Orchids Look just like Monkeys

Without doubt, orchids are stunning and low maintenance flowers and there are plenty of varieties to choose from to beatify your garden, somewhere around 30,000 types, believe it or not.

Although each of these types has its distinctive features, one of the most unique is definitely the rare type of orchid which looks very similar to a monkey’s face.

Known as the monkey dragon, its common name or Orchid simia or Dracula Simia, this orchid originates from Peru and Ecuador.  

Their habitat is forests located 1000 to 2000 meters above sea level- you need to hike quite a bit to see them growing naturally!

The flower was first named in 1978 by botanist Carlyle A. Lueren. The species is characterized by unique petals and stamens which give it its one-of-a-kind monkey-like-face shape.

Adorable Orchid Species Looks Like a Monkey’s Face

The Monkey Orchid is known to grow at any time of the year, as long as it’s in its place of origin.

Approximately half of this species is located in Ecuador; however, they’re also seen growing through Columbia, Mexico, Peru, and Central America.

Growing them outside of these regions is a challenge. This is because the orchid does best in the weather that resembles the cloudy forests from their natural habitat.

This flower needs high humidity levels, between 70 and 100 percent to thrive to the fullest.

Even though they may look like simians, they don’t smell anything like them-when they bloom; they release a wonderful citrusy smell of ripe oranges.

Surely, you can try and grow them in your place of living, but be aware-they’re a challenge.

This orchid grows generally up to 2 feet in height. If you want them in your home, pot them in sphagnum moss rather than soil.

We don’t blame you if you do decide to take on the project and have these unique orchids in your garden- they’re so adorable and a real showstopper!





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