Sperm Facial Masks Are a Thing Now: Experts Say It Can Slow Down Aging

According to Chelsee Lewis, a celeb facialist who’s been a part of the beauty industry for more than 22 years, human semen is the key to a fresh and glowing skin.

In her guide for skincare to the Daily Mail, she revealed some of the best kept secrets of her industry, including the application of sperm for lower acne and wrinkles.

She explained that sex helps reduce stress, but also balances the hormones and boosts the production of collagen. But, you can use the sperm for a glowing skin too-using it as a facial mask is great.

This is because it contains a compound known as spermine. This antioxidant helps lower wrinkles, makes the skin smoother, averts acne, and restores the skin’s natural glow.

Lewis Is Not the First to Promote Sperm Facials

The former editor-in-chief of the Cosmopolitan, Helen Brown, famously advised ladies to spread semen over their faces as it’s probably rich in protein as it can make babies.

But, Doris Day, a dermatologist, doubts the claimed advantages of rubbing semen onto one’s face for potentially healthy skin. She explains that this isn’t necessarily something which can penetrate the skin differently or better than a regular moisturizer is able to.

Moreover, as the water in the semen dries on the skin, it can actually make it drier. And, people with rosacea should be extra careful.

 Lewis didn’t give additional information about how it’s best to get the sperm on the face, maybe she leaves it to personal preference.

She did recommend other mainstream advice too-including splashing iced water on the skin. This makes it tighter and brighter and helps set the makeup optimally.

Back in 2018, it was common fashion for celebs to get foreskin facials-a treatment deriving from stem cells from discarded foreskins of newborns in Korea and the treatment‘s cost was around $650.





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