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Shocking: The Effects of Negative Thoughts & Emotions on Your Body

Here Is How The Negative Thoughts & Emotions Effect Your Body

As humans, we experience a variety of feelings, from joy and happiness to depression and sadness and each of these emotions contributes to a different environment in the body due to the secretion of distinct chemicals which are conditioned by the feeling in question. To illustrate, if the body secretes […]

Unusual Signs of Prostate Cancer most Men Do not Know

Unusual Signs of Prostate Cancer most Men Do not Know

Did you know prostate cancer is among the six most prevalent cancers in the world, together with breast cancer? This cancer happens in men and although a lot of doctors check their patients’ prostate on a yearly basis during their annual physical checkups, a lot of men are not aware […]

Cancer Dies When You Eat These 7 Foods. Time To Start Eating Them!

As noted on The Science of Eating, recent medical research concluded that there are seven specific foods and drinks that are highly beneficial in the fight against cancer due to having powerful cancer-suppressing characteristics. They are also considered to be more potent than chemotherapy; what’s more, they are among the […]