Conestoga Huts: A New Trend Helping Homeless Find a Shelter

Conestoga Hut Micro-Shelter: A Viable Solution For The Homeless

The Conestoga Hut Micro-Shelter is a quick shelter option for people who’re homeless. Unfortunately, every community in the US is facing lack of housing for people facing homelessness. A non-profit organization in Eugene, Oregon named Community Supported Shelters came up with the idea to create innovative shelters that they named […]

LA Is Planning to Make Uber & Lyft 100% Electric

LA Is Planning to Make Uber & Lyft 100% Electric

In November 2019, LA-based clean tech leaders announced the Zero Emissions 2028 Roadmap 2.0. At the time, the mayor, Eric Garcetti called for a 25 percent reduction of the city’s pollution by the same year. Today, according to a report by the Financial Times strives to make Uber & Lyft […]