Best Selfie Ever: Gorillas Pose with DR Congo Anti-Poaching Unit

Gorillas Pose For Selfies With Congo’s Anti-Poaching Unit

These several cute photos of gorillas and rangers posing together went viral because the gorillas appear to imitate the humans who rescued them when they were only babies. The beautiful photos were taken at a gorilla orphanage in Virunga National Park in Congo where the animals have been taken care […]

Bye, Bye Mondays: Colorado School District Introduces 4-Day Weeks

No More Mondays: Colorado School District Introduces 4-Day Weeks

A Colorado school district introduced a 4-day week because they’re trying out schedule which is increasingly spreading among rural countries in the state. According to statements by the district, this schedule will save them around a million dollars on a yearly basis. However, parents who work on Mondays believe that […]

Back to Stone Age: Sydney School Bans iPads & Goes Back to Paper Textbooks

Sydney School Bans iPads And Goes Back to Paper Textbooks

In order to reduce children distractions, Reddam House Private School in Sydney decided to remove electronic devices such as iPads and go back to regular books. This choice is quite controversial taking into account the takeover of electronics. The return to hard copy happens 5 years after the primary and […]