10 Adaptogenic Herbs for Hormone Balance in Women

A woman’s hormonal health plays a pivotal role in the overall health. When the hormones are out of balance, several negative things can happen-the energy levels will vary, anxiety will rise, and the sex life may also suffer. If you’re not too keen on finding help from Western medicine to […]

7 Plant-Based Supplements for Daily Immune System Support

What a better time to focus on improving your immunity than now? With the coronavirus pandemic dictating things today, it’s pivotal to strengthen your biggest defender- your immune system. Plant-based foods can be an excellent choice to boost your immunity-they can improve the T-cell functioning, essential elements of the immunity. […]

These Rare Orchids Look Exactly Like Monkeys’ Faces

Without doubt, orchids are stunning and low maintenance flowers and there are plenty of varieties to choose from to beatify your garden, somewhere around 30,000 types, believe it or not. Although each of these types has its distinctive features, one of the most unique is definitely the rare type of […]