Will Milkmen Make a Comeback in London after Millenials Order Milk in Glass Bottles to Help Reduce Plastic Pollution?

Milkmen Return as Millennials Bid to Cut Plastic Waste

Milkmen and milkwomen are coming back in London after millenials started using glass milk bottles in the effort to reduce plastic waste. Younger customers, amidst the growing concerns over the immense plastic waste and the problems it’s been causing, are looking for glass bottles of milk rather than plastic ones. […]

Farmers Use Flame-Throwing Tractors to Remove Pests & Weeds

Farmers Use Flame-Throwing Tractors to Remove Pests & Weeds

This new innovation in the farming world has caught the internet’s eye-tractors with flame throwers used by farmers for the removal of pests and weeds. Indeed, modern farmers have had a difficult time growing sufficient amounts of food with the constant attack from chemicals and pesticides so this method may […]

Cutest Thing ever: Rare Baby Zebra Born with Spots, not Stripes

Rare Baby Zebra Born With Spots Instead Of Stripes

As we all know, zebras are animals that have unique stripes in black and white color. These stripes have kept scientists in awe for decades and there are a lot of properties they’ve been ascribed- possibly, they serve to help the animals repel insects, as an optical illusion to keep […]