Fruits & Veggies

You Must Remove these Foods to Fight Off Inflammation

According to newest research, inflammation is the main reason for a long list of health problems. Inflammation is the body’s natural response to repairing injured tissue. However, when the process lasts longer than it should, it can easily turn into a chronic issue. Chronic inflammation can be triggered when we […]

This Vegetable Will Fix everything Wrong in Your Body

With certainty, beetroot is one of the healthiest veggies ever and it has potent healing characteristics that can be of great aid in treating a long list of health issues. The anthocyanins which beetroot has is known to posses strong anticancer characteristics whereas the betaine enhances the health of the […]

This Green Juice Hydrates the Brain & Removes Migraines

Everyone will agree that headaches can be really painful and unbearable, especially if they happen on a more frequent base. Sometimes, suffering from headaches could be a consequence of dehydration and the consequent reduction in the amount of energy and nutrients in the body. This being said, did you know […]