How To Use Ginger Garlic Paste To Combat Inflammation, Cholesterol And Improve Digestion

The last decade has brought a significantly increased interest in natural medicine and home remedies. Among these remedies is the ginger garlic paste we are presenting you today. However, before you are ready to use this powerful remedy, it would be best for you to understand its applications, benefits, and the process of creating it.

As the name suggests, ginger and garlic paste’s main ingredients are ginger and garlic. With only a few added components, this paste makes one of the most potent natural healing items. The nutrient bomb created with ginger and garlic, both of which are famous for the benefits they offer, can be used for reducing inflammation, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, digestive issues, as well as for cancer prevention.

How to use the ginger garlic paste

The paste is most commonly used in the kitchen. Ginger and garlic have both been considered traditional Asian spices for centuries, and they are two of the main reasons for the reputation that Asian people get as one of the healthiest cultures. Both ginger and garlic can be added to almost any savory dish, but some desserts can also use the spicy, savory bite that they add. Adding them to a tea is also recommendable.

Oral consumption of the ginger garlic paste can prove to be a difficult task, due to the extremely concentrated flavor. Small amounts of this paste can be used for a quicker relief of upset stomach, or for respiratory problems.

The ginger garlic paste can also be applied topically, to sore muscles and joints. Joint disorders such as osteoarthritis, cramps, or general muscle and joint pain are easily treated with this paste.

What is the ginger garlic paste used for

Inflammation can be treated easily using the paste, as both ginger and garlic are directly linked to pain relief and lowered levels of inflammation. You can treat headache, arthritis, digestive problems, and even inflammation caused by injuries or surgical intervention.

Cholesterol imbalance is one of the most commonly diagnosed health issues today, as it is often caused by stress and improper diet. The ginger garlic paste reduces serum cholesterol levels in the organism, and helps reduce the risks of chronic heart disease, heart attack, stroke, and atherosclerosis.

Digestive issues such as nausea, indigestion, acid reflux, cramping, and bloating are easily managed with oral consumption of small amounts of ginger garlic paste. Ginger is responsible for removing nausea almost instantly, especially when brewed in a tea.

Cancer prevention has become one of the major concerns for all of us as it is estimated that 1 in 4 individuals will face this disease at some point in their life. The antioxidant properties of the ginger garlic paste make it highly effective in destroying free radicals and reducing the risk of cancer, as well as autoimmune disease.

How to make the ginger garlic paste

Using just a few ingredients, you can make this paste in minutes. All you will need is: fresh ginger, fresh garlic, olive oil, and a food processor.


  1. Wash 2 inches of peeled ginger and 6 cloves of garlic thoroughly
  2. Dry them and make sure you leave as little moisture as possible
  3. Add them to the food processor with ½ cup of olive oil
  4. Blend enough to ensure that no large chunks of ginger or garlic remain

One you’ve made your ginger garlic paste you should store it in an airtight container, and place the container in the coldest are of your fridge. This will ensure that the paste doesn’t go bad.


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