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Top 5 Unique Nutrients For Mitochondrial Support

What are the top 5 nutrients for mitochondrial support and energy production? In this article, we’ll discuss what we believe are five fantastic nutrients to consider adding into your diet. 5. CoQ10 Starting at number 5 is CoQ10, which is a compound that helps to generate energy in the mitochondria […]

Savour a Vegan Holiday Menu with these 5 Easy & Yummy Recipes

Savour a Vegan Holiday Menu with these 5 Easy & Yummy Recipes

Holiday season is here and one of our favourite things is definitely holiday food, right? However, individuals who’re following a plant-based diet often worry that they’ll be hungry for the holidays. But, thinking that you ‘have nothing to eat’ just because you’re a vegetarian or a vegan is definitely a […]

Farmers Use Flame-Throwing Tractors to Remove Pests & Weeds

Farmers Use Flame-Throwing Tractors to Remove Pests & Weeds

This new innovation in the farming world has caught the internet’s eye-tractors with flame throwers used by farmers for the removal of pests and weeds. Indeed, modern farmers have had a difficult time growing sufficient amounts of food with the constant attack from chemicals and pesticides so this method may […]

Thieves Oil: What Are its Benefits & How to Make Your Own

How to Make Thieves Oil and Why You Should Be Using it Daily

If you’ve been reading about essential oils, you may have come across something called thieves oil. In essence, this is a mixture of several essential oils, most often, clove, cinnamon, lemon, eucalyptus, and rosemary oil. Some of this blend’s claimed benefits are stronger immunity and reduced risk of infections. But, […]

Reishi Mushrooms Proven for Fibromyalgia Pain Relief in Human Study

Reishi mushrooms have been proven to be a natural treatment for fibromyalgia pain relief. Fibromyalgia is a condition that affects nearly 10 million people in the United States and nearly 3-6% of the world population. A promising double-blind, randomized human clinical study of ganoderma lucidum, also known as reishi mushroom, has […]