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Father & Son Built 50,000 Beehive Colonies around the World

Stuard Anderson and Cedar Anderson are a father and a son who live in rural Australia and many call them the revolutionaries of beekeeping. They wanted to come up with a different method to harvest honey-one that doesn’t require a hot and uncomfortable suit, smoking out the bees, and potentially […]

People Are Turning Tables into Stunning Succulent Gardens

Nowadays, making living art pieces with succulents is worldwide spread because it’s a stunning idea for gardens, walls or tables. This amazing flower arrangement with succulent plants won’t wither and it’s accessible to everyone-everyone can make it on its own. What a wonderful DIY project…don’t you agree? The numerous ways […]

Spectacular Cannabis Bonsai Trees and How to Grow Them

Marijuana bonsai trees aren’t a myth-you can grow them and they’ll make you happier and help you get high. Cannabis enthusiasts will love these bonsai trees. These miniature-sized plants originate from ancient Japan. The goal of growing a bonsai is to create an authentic plant which is identical to the […]