2 Apples, 1 Lemon, and 1 Cup of Oats: Prepare to Lose Waist Size Fast!

With the end of the holiday season, a lot of people have been struggling with weight gain. This being said, it is pretty normal to want to shed those surplus pound and look great for the summer. So, in today’s article we decided to present one of the most powerful, natural weight loss remedies- a 3-ingredient smoothie. In addition to helping you look slimmer, it will also improve the pH of the body, aid the removal of toxins, decrease the bad cholesterol, and avert strokes and heart attacks.

The Recipe

You will need:

2 green apples, organic
125 grams of oats
1 lemon, organic
½ cup of water

Preparation: Cut the apple first and then put it in a blender and pour the water. Blend them for a bit and then add the oats and blend for few more seconds. Then, squeeze the whole lemon into the mixture and stir the content well.

Use: Drink the smoothie once per day for a whole week.

The Benefits of Green Apples

– Encourage the burning of fat
– They are rich in pectin that is known to lower the appetite and improve the peristalsis
– They are rich in B vitamins which assist the metabolism of nutrients and also avert the conversion of carbs to fat
– They are low on calories and do not cause fluid retention
– They do not allow sudden insulin spikes by slowing down the absorption of sugar in the intestines

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