3 Best Juices That Combat Inflammation, Dissolve Mucus And Alleviate Sinus Infections

Believe it or not, reaching for over-the-counter meds is not the only solution to unclog your stuffy nose and ease your breathing. Namely, there are a lot of natural remedies that can be of great aid and they do not have any side effects, which is often the case with medications. Below, make sure you check out the 3 top recipes for homemade healing juices against stuffy nose, congested sinuses, as well as inflammation.

3 Homemade Healing Juices

  1. Sinus-Be Gone Juice


A carrot

2 oranges

Half a lemon

An apple, green

An inch-piece of ginger

A pinch of cayenne pepper, ground

Preparation: Chop the ingredients and then blend them in a blender.

Use: Consume the mixture to lower inflammation and strengthen the immunity.

  1. Green Juice

You will need:

2 green apples

6 stalks of celery

A fennel bulb

A cucumber

A handful of mint

An inch-piece of ginger

Half a lemon

Preparation: Blend the ingredients in a blender for a couple of minutes until you get a homogeneous mixture. Transfer it into a glass and drink it.

  1. Anti-Arthritis Juice


Half a pineapple

4 beetroots

A cucumber

One-inch ginger root

Half a lemon

Preparation: Blend the ingredients in a blender and then transfer the content into a cup. Enjoy.

Use: Drink it to lower inflammation and to fight off arthritis ache and discomfort.