Anti-Inflammatory Juices To Reduce And Soothe Tendonitis, Joint And Arthritis Pain

With certainty, joint ache, tendonitis, and other types of pain linked to arthritis can be excruciating and affect our overall quality of life by preventing us from doing our daily activities. In order to minimize and treat pain in the joints, it is vital to focus on minimizing the inflammation going on.

What Is Inflammation?

Inflammation is known to elevate the pain in the joints and trigger tendonitis. This process happens naturally and when it becomes a chronic issue, it can elevate the duration and intensity of the pain. To avoid exposing yourself to chemicals present in painkillers, opt for natural remedies comprised of fruits and veggies that possess strong anti-inflammatory characteristics and can do wonders for joint pain sufferers!

The 3 Best Juices against Joint Ache and Tendonitis

  1. Golden sun juice

You will need:

Half a pineapple

2 bell peppers, yellow

4 celery ribs

Half a lemon

One-inch ginger root

Preparation: First, peel the lemon and then eliminate the seeds from the bell peppers. Next, peel the pineapple and core it. Chop all the ingredients in juice them in a juicer. Transfer the content into a glass. Enjoy!

This powerful homemade juice is good in treating joint ache, tendonitis, and other types of arthritis pain because it is made of anti-inflammatory ingredients and nutrients that have the capacity to enhance the digestion, detoxify the liver, and lower inflammation.

  1. Strawberry & apple delight

You will need:

2 Gala apples

3 cups of strawberries

1 lime

Preparation: First, rinse the apples and strawberries and then peel the lime. Do not pull out the strawberry leaves because they are also highly nutritious. Blend the ingredients in a juicer or in a blender and transfer the content into a glass. Enjoy!

  1. Pineapple & kale blend


Half a pineapple

10 big kale leaves

A cucumber

Half a lemon

Preparation: Wash, peel, and chop the ingredients and then juice or blend them for several minutes. Pour the mixture into a glass and enjoy it twice per day.