How Drinking Green Juice Every Day Helped this Man To Lose Weight Fast

If you are feeling tired, low on energy, and completely disappointed with how your body looks, you are not the only one, i.e. this is how millions of people around the world feel too. Nonetheless, by hating your body, you will achieve nothing and in order to get into shape and tone it, you need to learn how to love and respect yourself first and understand that the power to make new changes in your life lies in you and you only. Green juices can be one way to begin your weight loss journey!

What Are Green Juices?

These juices refer to the ones made with green veggies, herbs, and other superfoods. A glass of green juice per day supplies the body with the necessary nutrients. What’s more, studies indicate that these juices have the capacity to lower the risk of diseases, lower inflammation, keep the cells healthy from damage, better the digestion, slow down the aging process, and avert illnesses like cancer.

Studies showed that the people who ate more than 7 servings of fruits and veggies daily were 42 percent less likely to die prematurely and 25 percent smaller chance for cancer. A green juice combines all of these elements in one.

The Health Benefits of Green Juices

  1. Abundant in micronutrients

Nowadays, more than ever before, we need micronutrients because of the depletion of vitamins and minerals from the soil due to the constant use of pesticides, resulting in mineral and vitamin deficiencies.

  1. Encourage weight loss

Green juices are powerful enough to boost your digestion, which will consequently result in gradual weight loss.

  1. Reduce stress

Excessive stress has been linked with premature aging and various health issues. This is where green juices can help you because they are rich in vitamin C and tryptophan that minimize the secretion of cortisol, the stress hormone, and help you relax.

  1. Feed the brain

Regularly consuming nutrient-rich juices will supply your body with the necessary elements for a strong brain function and memory.

  1. Increase the energy

Green juices will supply the body with vitamins C and K, potassium, as well as other nutrients which will nourish your cells and help you feel more energetic.

  1. Better the digestion

Green juices are potent enough to unclog the digestive system by expelling all accumulated waste, which will result in an improved digestion and fewer digestive issues.

  1. Help with insomnia

Often times, people who suffer from magnesium deficiency also suffer from insomnia. Sleeplessness can be easily relieved with the help of green juices because they are abundant in magnesium.

How to Begin with Juicing?

  • Get a quality juicer
  • Purchase the right ingredients (mostly green veggies and fruits like apples and spinach)
  • Never use artificial sugar

The 3 Optimal Recipes for Green Juices

Just add the ingredients in a blender and mix them for several minutes until you get a homogeneous mixture and then transfer it into a tall glass. Enjoy!

  1. You will need:

A cucumber

3 stalks of celery

A handful of kale or spinach

A bunch of mint

Half an inch ginger root

¼ lemon

  1. You will need:

A cucumber

3 stalks of celery

A handful of kale or romaine lettuce

¼ lime

A handful of parsley