The Funny Looking Gourd May Save You from Hypertension & Heart Disease

Chayote, also known as pear squash and sayote, is considered to be one of the healthiest foods in the world because it has a variety of health benefits to offer. It is a member of the gourd family and has a distinctive green color with soft seeds inside which are visible once the fruit is cut. Surely, you should add it to your daily diet as soon as possible! If you are still having doubts about its power, make sure you read its array of advantages for your health.

Why Eat Chayote Regularly

  1. Encourages shedding of surplus pounds

The manganese in chayote will assist the body in burning fat into energy. Add it to your smoothies, juices, and other meals for a healthy weight loss!

  1. Good for the skin

The zinc present in chayote is known to avert the breakout of acne and it will additionally purify the skin by regulating the hormones and the secretion of oils in the skin.

  1. Beneficial for the thyroid gland

Did you know that chaoyte contains both iodine and copper which are pivotal for a healthy thyroid gland?

  1. Averts cancer

The vitamin C in chayote has antioxidant properties that have the power to reduce free radical damage.

  1. Balances the blood pressure

This is the ideal food for people who have blood pressure problems because it will keep it under control.

  1. Strengthens the bones

The vitamin K from chayote is pivotal for strong bones and teeth.

  1. Alleviates respiratory problems

Chayote can bring relief from coughing, phlegm deposits, and other respiratory issues. Add it to warm soups and stews for optimal effect.

  1. Good for the cardiovascular system

The folate found in chayote is known to avert the accumulation of homocysteine whose high levels elevate the chance for strokes.

  1. Reduces leg cramps

Leg cramps are often a consequence of low levels of potassium and magnesium in the body. This is where chayote can help by supplying you with sufficient amount of these pivotal minerals.

  1. Regulates bowel movements

Constipation is often a result of not eating enough fiber so it is good to start consuming chayote which has the capacity to speed up the metabolism and increase your fiber levels.

  1. Betters the brain function

Consuming chayote regularly will supply you with the necessary nutrients for an optimal memory and brain function.

Tips for Consumption

  • Eat it raw
  • Add it to various salads
  • Combine it with soups, stews, and slow-roasted meals
  • Juice it with different veggies and fruits