Top 9 Essential Oils to Boost Thyroid Health & How to Use Them

The thyroid gland is the large endocrine gland located in the neck and shaped as a butterfly. It secretes hormones for regulation of proper development and growth through the metabolism.

With aid from the parathyroid gland, the thyroid controls the body’s circulation of calcium as well. Most people do not pay too much attention to this pivotal gland until a problem arises. Hence, when there is imbalance in the gland, the risk of health complications increases so it is crucial to know how to protect its health. One way is with the help of essential oils.

The Importance of Essential Oils for the Thyroid Gland

The thyroid gland sends hormones to targeted organs and tissues as a part of the endocrine system. As essential oils have the same system of delivery, they can be very healthy for this gland. Here is a list of the best essential oils for the glands:

Basil oil

It supports the pituitary, pineal, pancreas, adrenal, and parathyroid gland.

Myrrh oil

It is good for the immune system and the overall health of the thyroid gland.

Rosemary oil

It aids the adrenal gland and stimulates the glands and brain function.

Lemongrass oil

This oil is highly beneficial for the thyroid gland.

Clove oil

It provides the thyroid with the necessary support.

Ylang ylang oil

It will better the adrenal and glandular hormone gland.

Geranium oil

This oil is very effective in supporting the glandular and adrenal gland.

Sandalwood oil

It will boost the functioning of the pituitary, hypothalamus, and pineal gland.

Frankincense oil

It will improve the pituitary, hypothalamus, and pineal gland functioning.

How to Use Essential Oils for the Thyroid

  • Mix coconut oil and a drop of myrrh oil and rub it onto the thyroid gland location daily
  • Rub a drop of basil oil onto the adrenal gland every day
  • Mix 20 drops of basil, 20 drops of lemongrass, 20 drops of myrrh, and 20 drops of frankincense oil in a roller ball and also add coconut or jojoba oil as carrier oil. You can use the mixture for aromatic purposes, for inhalation, as a diffuser, for topical use, i.e. to massage reflex points on the feet and to apply it onto the thyroid gland area