10 Cancer-Causers to Remove from Your Home

As seen on Care 2, due to poor governmental regulation, a lot of the cleaning products that are sold on the market are full of carcinogens like nitrobenzene, formaldehyde, napthelene, as well as hormone disruptors and reproductive toxins.

What’s more, they contain a lot of other suspicious ingredients that can lead to brain, kidney, and liver damage, asthma, and allergies. This being said, it is never a bad idea to know which household products that you commonly use might be poisoning you and your loved ones. Make sure you check out the list below and throw them out as soon as possible!

Worst Cancer-Causing Products

  1. Microwaves

Heating food in plastic containers causes the plastic to melt and leach dangerous toxins into the food that will enter your bloodstream once the food is digested.

  1. Household pesticides

Unfortunately, though they are convenient, store-bought pesticides have been associated with ADHD, birth defects, cancer, and Alzheimer’s. Moreover, they have the capacity to damage the reproductive, endocrine, and nervous system. Go with homemade organic pesticides instead.

  1. Paints and varnishes

When applied onto a surface and as soon as it begins to dry, paint releases VOCs and continues off-gassing at low levels for years and years after application. When inhaled, these VOCs can lead to headache, dizziness, and other acute symptoms. VOCs are known carcinogens and can contribute to ozone depletion, as noted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Opt for low- or no-VOCs paints and varnishes.

  1. Dry cleaning

Traditional dry cleaning is problematic due to the inclusion of a liquid solvent known as perc. The short and intense blasts with this substance can lead to headaches, loss of consciousness, and dizziness. Therefore, opt for clothes that do not require this chemical to be cleaned and ask the cleaners for the wet-cleaning option or dry-clean clothes in dry cleaning stores where they use liquid CO2 and citrus juice cleaners.

  1. Flea, tick, and lice control

The store-bought versions are filled with suspicious chemicals, especially the lindane-based ones. Opt for natural methods to control flea and tick in your pets.

  1. Air fresheners

Most of air fresheners contain formaldehyde and napthelene. Choose zeolite or natural fragrances from essential oils instead.

  1. Art supplies

Carcinogens may also be present in acrylic paints and solvents, permanent markers, as well as in epoxy and rubber cement glues.

  1. Automotive supplies

Most of these products contain all kinds of dangerous toxins. Ensure you keep them away from your house and the reach of children and pets and dispose of at hazardous waste disposal centers.

  1. Candles

Artificially-scented paraffin candles are known to product combustion by-products, including soot. Opt for beeswax only and with cotton wicks.

  1. Carpet and upholstery shampoos

Rely on wet-clean and 100 percent natural ingredients. Also, research the internet to learn how to make your own, safe, and natural carpet cleaning solutions.




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