Doctors Will not Tell You this- Cheap Way to Get Rid of Lice Instantly

Believe it or not, as noted on Woman Daily Tips, there is a simple, yet potent trick to remove head lice within minutes without having to spend a fortune on store-bought shampoos and other lice-removal products. Without doubt, we all detest when our children or we catch lice because they are so difficult to remove and are so annoying and itchy!

Lice are wingless, tiny insects which feed on our blood and are highly contagious. Although they can happen in adults, they are more common among children. When they are not removed timely, they can even lead to inflammation in the scalp due to the excessive need to scratch the head.

How to Remove Lice Fast

As you may already know, there are a lot of store-bought products like shampoos and combs that people usually rely on, but often times, they do not provide the wanted results and are not always easily affordable for everyone. This being said, it is of great aid to learn a potent, DIY remedy for complete removal of lice within minutes. Let us check out the procedure below together…


A quality lice comb

White vinegar


Couple of towels

Shower cap or plastic bags

How to do it:

First, rinse the hair with the mouthwash and then, while still wet, wrap it into the plastic bag or a shower cap and leave it like that for an hour. Then, remove the cover and rinse the hair with the vinegar and then cover it with another plastic bag. After one hour, remove it and rinse the hair with regular shampoo. Next, with the lice comb, thoroughly comb the whole hair.

The Benefits of this Treatment

  • The vinegar will pull out all lice eggs from the hair.
  • The powerful scent of mouthwash will keep the lice at bay.

Additional Tip:

You can fill a spray bottle with mouthwash and spray a bit on your child’s hair before they head out to school or kindergarten to minimize the chances for catching lice.

If you want to learn about this popular lice-removal method that may people swear by, check out the following video:




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